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Reduce symptoms.  Correct problems.
Improve overall comfort. 


Our Treatment Philosophy


In our office we like to relieve painful foot problems whenever possible on the initial visit. Usually, treatment is painless and the results can be quite dramatic whereby you walk out of the office without the pain you came in with. Obviously this cannot always be the case depending on the severity of your problem(s).


Treatment of the symptoms is not always enough when it comes to foot problems. We like to establish the cause of your foot problem and correct that which is creating your difficulty in the first place.


We like to look at the overall patient in terms of your activity, those sports (if any) that you are interested in so that your feet will function at their optimal potential on a daily basis, mile after mile. Furthermore, we are interested in the long term effect of your treatment so that your feet can serve you in the best possible way for the many years and miles ahead.

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