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4950 Yonge St. Suite 2414

Toronto Ontario

M2N 6K1


If you're on the Yonge Subway, get off at Sheppard Avenue. You'll need to walk north on Yonge, three short blocks.  If you're not sure which way is north, note that the McDonald's on Yonge is north of Sheppard, so go beyond that.
You'll  see a tall silver office tower with blue windows, which is our building, the Madison Centre office tower.  When you get closer will see there's a big greenhouse in front of the building.
Entrance to the office tower is  on the southeast corner.
We'll be on the top floor, suite 2414.



If you're coming off the 401, note that while it's only a short distance to Sheppard Ave., traffic is almost always backed up on Yonge St.  Same with heading southbound on Yonge approaching our building.
Helpful:  you can take the bypass, Beecroft Ave. which is one block west and parallel to Yonge.


As most Torontonians know, parking can often be a hassle in this city.


1.       You can try street parking

Our neighborhood is fairly congestedbut often there are spaces either on Yonge street or on Beecroftwhich is parallel to, and one block west of Yonge.


2.       Underground parking – under our building – off Yonge St.

(a.) There is parking in our underground garage, and the access to this Madison Center parking garage is off Upper Madison Avenue which runs along the south side of our building off Yonge St.  (It's not the cheapest though).

(b.)  Alternatively, and less expensive, is a parking garage attached to the back of our building, the entrance to it  is on Beecroft Ave., which being behind our building is 1 block west of, and parallel to Yonge St.
Note:  If you choose this parking garage, it's a bit confusing because there are two entrances and exits.
We suggest selecting the north entrance of the two, (i.e the  one on the left when facing the entrances). 
This north entrance parking garage is for short-term parking and there's less of a chance it will be full!
We've attached a picture to familiarize you with this garage.
If you park in the garage there are signs pointing the way to the Madison Centre, with access through the concourse to the office tower.



Wheelchair accessibility


There is a ramp on both the north and south sides of the building which provides wheelchair access.

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